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Getting more practical than just smart devices – tomorrow with IoT.

LigneInfotech is for those who are living in the present era of every fiber of our life being connected with internet. With our robust process and technology, we help you control your offices and homes with internet. You can communicate with the elements around you, allow them to make decisions for you and keep an eye on key elements, all with just an app.

IoT – Internet of Things is a smart office/home programming product, which helps you control everything from a light switch to a large boiler hardware, all with just an application. Connecting your phone to watch or your fan switch to your phone is just a page of what IoT can do. The applications are literally endless. The augmented automation allows you to execute real-time activities, cover pending tasks and control the entire environment.

We provide the right set of expert teams and professionals to provide a scalable full-range Internet of Things Services for all kinds of businesses and environments. Are you looking for a small addition to your already implemented IoT system? Alternatively, do you require a full-scale customized solution? We are here to align your needs and requirements to create the right solution.

Are you aspiring to develop a sophisticated and simplified IoT solution for your work, office, factory or others? We can help you provie a comprehended and feature filled IoT applications.

IoT reaches every vertical of industrial needs

We are not talking about controlling an electrical appliance from a remote region. Smart Home application is just the first step of many such possibilities.

Iot in Lead Management

This application helps to increase the possibility of productivity, markets your product in the fast-paced environment.


With API, you can secure your data while connective your devices with the customers. RESTful API will help you maintain a scalable system.

Iot in Smart Retail

IoT retail application can renovate your branding approaches.This can help to retain and increase your customer base

Analyze your device data

It is not just about controlling. Based on data collected during controlling, it can analyze and make decisions for you.

Integrate IoT data

What to do with the data that the application collects? Our expert team will guide you to create business-oriented information from it.

Alerts and Notifications

Do you have many activities and equipment under control? With alerts and notification features, you can monitor and control with less time and resource.

Let’s build a ‘connected’ future, together

Let us make your ideas into tangible reality. Give us a call today for free quote.

IoT is rapidly changing the market conditions and altering business trends and strategies. It is best to be upgraded and stay with the crowd than to be left behind. With limitless advantages and possibilities, IoT has begun penetrating its roots into the business world.

We will help you transform your vision into a real-time application. With better idea sharing and unlimited communication, you can smoothly climb ahead of your competitors. Are you ready for the next future? It is time to be connected with an agile team for a smooth transition.

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