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Take product perfection to the next level with our team of expert Java developers.

Ligne Infotech is a niche software development company for web and mobile application development and comprehensive IT solutions for players in various fields. We cover all your digital needs to provide scalable, scrumptious, secure and sustainable solutions

Java, the programming language gives scalability, flexibility and security to your domain. No matter which niche you are into, Java can create customized and solution-specific platform for insurance, commerce, finance, healthcare, telecommunication and other top and small industrial sectors. With many years of experience, our entire development team will help you create adaptable, dynamic, extensible solution for your needs. With our experience in research and development, we can assure you a result-oriented and tangible product customized for your goals and mission.

Our team has experts with unparalleled records of accomplishment from building simple solutions to complex integrated applications for numerous styles of customers and business practices. We have a working experience of the proven methodologies in this niche. Our unique skill set helps our customers to experience a 360-degree holistic solution for their needs. May it be an extensive feature or a complex end-to-end development with various layers, our technology team can successfully create better solutions for you.

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Specific Services

Our Technical Services in Java Development are

Enterprise Software Development

Ligne Java development team will provide scalable integrated solutions suitable for your specific needs. Our team will cover all your enterprise applications to provide secured data exchange and better performance.

Mobile Application Development

Our Java team will help you create a mobile application with ample amount of features, flexible design for a variety of niche and general sectors of market.

Web Application Development

With our Java team, you can create powerful and integral web solutions like B2C, B2B and others to boost your performance in the bottleneck competitive world.

Java Script Framework

Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap

Migration Services

Are you planning to migrate to a standards-based environment? Get our services to perform the transition with minimal disruption to the process and business.
Our Java Development Services Include

Creation and implementation of desktop, web-oriented and mobile based Java application, software and products based on open source J2EE frameworks like Spring, Hubernate, Struts and others

Migration of Software solutions to Java/J2EE platform.

J2ME- based solution and application development

Java Development Services in India