Some futuristic technologies that we know better than others. Our customers can create best digital experiences through our integrated digital services, web designs and web development.

Ligne Infotech is a software development company, which has created a niche in mobile applications, web development and complete IT solutions for clients across various industries. Starting from product consultation to app development, we provide scrumptious, scalable and secure solutions.

At Ligne, we focus on helping you achieve business goals efficiently and faster. Gaining data from sources, harnessing it to provide real-time strategy and to create a better output for your customer will help you to promote your business and grow sustainably.

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Software Development

Software Development has created a buzz all around the globe as it has been in trend.The businesses have seen an unpredictable increase in their productivity . From the recent research it was known that the biggest challenge of any tech company is capacity and optimising your workflow is the best way to solve the capacity problem. The most agile solution of this problem is to create better solutions in terms of Software Applications.

What LigneInfotech Software Development Solution offers?

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Mobile App Development

The LigneInfotech team focuses on Apple -specific apps with many special integrated features like pass kit,map kit,retina display optimisation and various custom options like social integration,in-app purchasing and others. With the LigneInfotech Mobile App Development,you can improve your ranking and rating in the Apple store and can show your application in an intelligent fashion to the audience.

What LigneInfotech Mobile App Development Solution offers?

Web application development company


Web Application Development

With the best strategic planning ,LigneInfotech offers the premium Web Application Development Solution. According to a recent survey it was noted that more than 77% of the digital companies have suffered due to unsatisfactory web application development. A Stastics from HubSpot states that more than 38% of the customers did not feel happy if their webiste layout is not upto their expectation. LigneInfotech collaborates your idea with our technical concepts.

What LigneInfotech Web Application Development Solution offers ?

E-commerce Solutions


E-commerce Solutions

By using cutting -edge technology and creative designs ,we cater enviable services to clients. The complete LigneInfotech ecommerce package is delivered at an affordable price with interactive designs. We build online stores using open source,licensed or hosted services like Opencart,Magento,WordPress,Joomla,Big Commerce etc. LigneInfotech offers you a complete e-commerce application with interactive designs and secured payment procedure.

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Product Consulting

LigneInfotech offers out of the box services to accelerate your product design and market launch. If you are looking out for a pixel-perfect product to get more ROI then we are the one. An exclusive partnership-styles consulting service helps to compliance the online strategy with your business mission.

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Java Development Solutions

Java, the programming language gives scalability, flexibility and security to your domain. No matter which niche you are into, Java can create customized and solution-specific platform for insurance, commerce, finance, healthcare, telecommunication and other top and small industrial sectors. With many years of experience, our entire development team will help you create adaptable, dynamic, extensible solution for your needs.

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