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Web Design

Requirement Elicitation

Our prime focus is to understand well before any execution…

Some brief about our STEP 1, ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY:
In this industry, many projects have suffered because the developers started implementing something without determining whether they were building what the customers exactly wanted. Starting development activities without properly analyzing and documenting the requirements is possibly the biggest mistake that one can commit during product development.

Our main goal is to analyse the requirements and specifications of our customers to clearly understand the customer’s requirements and to systematically organize the requirements into a specification document.

Our system analyst gathers all the requirements and information in bits and pieces and then analyse them to remove several types of problems that frequently occur in the requirements gathered piecemeal from different sources. The analysts analyse the requirements to weed out inconsistencies, anomalies and incompleteness.

Visionary Design

Designs that connects with heart and it merge well perform well…

Some Brief about our STEP 2, DESIGN METHODOLOGY:
During the software design phase, the design document is produced, based on the customer requirements as discussed in the requirement analysis step, which is the first step.

Now in second step of making designs, We decomposed the requirements into set of modules. Then we interface among all the modules and make wireframes and layouts for client. When client approve this, we continue with the development process.

We create designs by working with an approach of 360 degree to put your visions into reality. We put all the innovations and creativity to form a best design for our customers. The difference between our designs and others can be judged by our design’s correctness, understand ability, efficiency, maintainability and refinedness. From a large number of design solutions we choose the best one for you and for this understands ability is of main concern while judging the goodness of a design.

mobile responsive

Mobile Ready & Customised Development

We ensure to give you a design as per multi device approach.

Now-a-days, everyone has an iPhones, golem smartphone, tablets, mac books. Customers have an additional choices and area units, additionally rigorous than ever before. These all factors creates web world crucial. To make sure that your website delivers a compelling story in an exceedingly format that should be tailored for each and every sort of device, you have to pick our brains.

Earlier professionals build different designs and websites for mobile like blackberry, android, windows and tablets. But it’s really impractical. This is not a right approach.

Our modern websites tells a story superbly on all devices. We follow an approach to make one design feasible for all devices and platforms rather than making different ones for smartphones and featured phones.

Cloudience designs your site with an effective 4 step process:

Create Design
Customer Delivery
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